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E-learning Products.

Elearn Development is a design and development agency that helps you to plan, design, create and test custom e-learning products.

Products and Services.

E-Learning Strategies We Use

E-Learning Products We Create

Our E-Learning Platforms and Formats

Our Testing Lab

Effective and modern workflow.

We are a small agency of instructional and graphic designers, developers, and quality analysts, collaborating closely with our clients. We partner with organizations of all sizes and from all industries: from large corporations to individual authors and teachers.     

How we work:
  • With frequent communication. We use Asana, Slack, and GitHub.
  • In bi-weekly product iterations (sprints).
  • Flexibly based on project needs.
  • At a sustainable pace.

You’ll be working with a team of dedicated professionals selected to fit your project requirements. 

Your Project Roadmap

In this stage we will explore your idea, market and audience together. 

Choose Models, Platforms, and Formats

We will decide what models, features and formats to use for your idea.


Our design process is based on the principles of Instructional Design Thinking. Together, we will design and learn.


We will develop your product using test-driven and continuous integration development principles.


Now it’s time to launch your product! We will help with all technical details and difficulties.


We will evaluate the results and major insights and implement all needed changes. 

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